Easy methods to Reduce an Onion

When you understand the best way to reduce an onion the correct manner, your mealtime prep might be an entire lot simpler! This tutorial will present you the best way to slice and cube onions for all of your cooking wants.

Overhead view of sliced onions cooking in skillet

Earlier than you grasp the best way to make an ideal quiche or home made pasta from scratch, it’s vital to know the basics of cooking. And there’s nothing extra basic than knife abilities.

Easy methods to Reduce an Onion

Figuring out the best way to use a knife correctly is an important a part of being an amazing prepare dinner. Among the best methods to hone your knife abilities is to discover ways to reduce an onion utilizing correct approach.

It might appear easy, however it may be surprisingly difficult if you happen to don’t know what you’re doing.

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Prepping an Onion

Very first thing’s first: you’ll have to take away the pores and skin and ends from the onion earlier than you get began.

An onion has a stem finish and a root finish. The foundation finish is the tip with the dry brown roots popping out, whereas the stem finish is the tip that faces up when the onion is within the floor—it’s the place the inexperienced sprouts develop.

Place the onion on a reducing board on its aspect, then reduce 1/2-inch from the stem finish and a smaller slice—about 1/8-inch—from the basis finish.

Flip the onion so the stem finish is on the underside and the basis finish is going through up in the direction of you. Reduce the onion in half from root to stem.

With the onion halved, it’s now simple to peel off the pores and skin and discard it. You’ll need to discard not solely the papery pores and skin on the skin, but additionally any layers beneath that really feel leathery and skinny—these layers could be powerful and troublesome to chew.

Skillet on stovetop with sliced onions and wooden spoon

Easy methods to Slice an Onion

  1. Step 1 – Place one of many halves flat side-down in your reducing board and begin slicing crosswise to kind half moons. 
  2. Step 2 – Proceed slicing till you attain the tip of the onion.
  3. Step 3 – Repeat with the opposite half.

Easy methods to Cube an Onion

  1. Step 1 – Place one of many halves flat side-down in your board and make angled lengthwise cuts from the stem finish in the direction of the basis finish—however don’t reduce via the basis finish.
  2. Step 2 – Maintain the basis finish and slice the onion crosswise beginning with the stem finish and dealing your option to the basis finish. Discard the basis finish.
  3. Step 3 – Repeat with the opposite half.
Sliced onions in a pan, for a guide on how to cut an onion.


  • Leaving the basis finish partially intact will maintain the onion collectively as you narrow, making the method quite a bit simpler!
  • The sharper the knife, the higher! It makes it a lot smoother to chop.

wood cutting board

Instruments to Use

  • Chef’s knife – The sharper the higher!
  • Slicing board – I like to recommend utilizing a non-slip board while you’re reducing onions.

Stack of homemade onion rings on a piece of butcher paper.

Different Strategies


When you’re making onion rings, you’ll have to take away the basis and stem ends, then peel the onion. 

To maintain the onion from rolling on the reducing board, slice a skinny sliver from one aspect. Place that aspect down on the board, then reduce the onion into rounds in your required thickness.


If you wish to reduce your onion into wedges, observe the steps for dicing, however cease after making the angled lengthwise cuts.

Storage Ideas

When you’re not going to make use of all of a reduce onion immediately, retailer it in an hermetic container or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and preserve it within the fridge. Reduce onions will last as long as per week when saved correctly. 

Steadily Requested Questions

Do you narrow the basis or stem of an onion?

Leaving a part of the basis finish on the onion will assist it maintain collectively while you slice it. Some of the frequent errors individuals make with reducing onions is chopping off each the stem and the complete root finish, which makes the onions slip while you reduce them.

How do you stop tears when slicing onions?

Strive slicing the onion close to an open window so the fumes don’t irritate your eyes, or activate the fan in your kitchen and reduce the onion close by. You probably have time, you may as well freeze the onion for a couple of minutes. 

What’s the finest knife for reducing an onion?

The most effective knife for reducing an onion is a pointy chef’s knife. It should make slicing via the layers of the onion a lot simpler and sooner; as well as, a pointy knife could make you much less more likely to cry while you’re reducing.