Transgenderism does not disrupt the ‘gender binary’, it reinforces probably the most misogynist stereotypes

A typical declare from defenders of gender identification ideology is that transgenderism subverts “gender binaries,” liberating people from inflexible concepts about what it means to be a person and what it means to be a lady. Against this, these of us labeled “TERFs,” on account of our refusal to desert ladies’s sex-based rights and protections to male fetishists and who perceive that “girl” means “grownup human feminine” are sometimes accused of upholding the “gender binary,” and even, as a journalist named Emma Vigeland tweeted at present, “upholding the patriarchy.”

Vigeland, who’s co-host of what I perceive to be a leftist information present referred to as The Majority Report and who beforehand labored with The Younger Turks, is making a reputation for herself (I had by no means heard of her prior, in any case) by attacking ladies’s proper to sex-segregated sport, utilizing compelling arguments reminiscent of “I’m 100% proper about this,” “I don’t give a shit concerning the scientific explanations,” and “If that’s not truthful… I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a shit.”

Vigeland’s most up-to-date tweet attacking “TERFs” demonstrates a form of confusion held by many proponents of transgenderism, treating the ideology as a “liberating” follow, upending all types of oppressive buildings and old school concepts about women and men.

The tweet is appropriately phrase salady, as faux-intellectuals who try to make use of tutorial sounding phrases within the hope of intimidating the plebs are liable to, studying:

“TERFism really upholds patriarchy by gatekeeping femininity, insisting that the boundaries of womanhood are drawn by sexual and/or reproductive organs. By reinforcing present gender binaries, TERFs lock ladies into the male gaze: whether or not for baby-making or mere sexualization.”

Whereas my choice these days is to keep away from jargon that obscures the fabric actuality of what’s being mentioned and to make use of language that truly is sensible to the reader, for the needs of dissecting Vigeland’s claims, lets go forward and use her language.

“TERFism,” referring actually to “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” however extra casually to these people who consider you can not change organic intercourse by way of declaration (or in any respect), doesn’t “gatekeep femininity.” One might argue it “gatekeeps” organic intercourse, however in fact organic intercourse “gatekeeps” itself, no matter what others suppose. What radical feminists against the idea of transgenderism argue is actually that gender is not innate, and that women and men shouldn’t be restricted to stereotyped gender roles. In different phrases, these feminists consider that women and men needs to be free to be whomever they like, in so far as their personalities, preferences, feelings, and appearances go. This doesn’t translate to actually altering one’s organic intercourse, in fact, as that is unimaginable.

No radical feminist needs to “gatekeep femininity.” They would favor to eliminate “femininity” solely.

All that stated, the “boundaries of womanhood” are “drawn” by issues like “sexual and/or reproductive organs,” in addition to by chromosomes and a wide range of different sex-specific bodily/organic traits. How else does one outline “feminine” and “male” if not by organic, bodily, materials traits?

WELL. Humorous you ask. If you’re a proponent of gender identification ideology, like younger Emma, you’ll outline “male” and “feminine” based mostly on gender binaries. In Transland, gender stereotypes outline materials actuality, so if a person prefers or adopts “female” gender stereotypes, he’s a lady. And never simply that, however self-identified “transwomen” are likely to tackle probably the most sexist, probably the most misogynistic, and admittedly probably the most insulting stereotypes of all — usually these exemplified in pornography and the pornographic fantasies of males.

That is laid out very nicely in a brand new film presently obtainable to look at on Twitter, referred to as What’s a Lady: WRONG ANSWERS ONLY. We see man after trans-identified man insisting he’s a “bimbo” and a “slut” — a “woman,” even. The entire thing, from behaviour to outfits to descriptions of what it’s to “be a lady,” is a fantasy that no precise girl (or woman) would relate to, but we’re not solely anticipated to play alongside however to desert femaleness itself to males who want to redefine it to go well with their fantasies.

Certainly, the trans idea of “womanhood” is outlined by that “male gaze” Vigeland makes an attempt to reference. Discuss “patriarchal”! Below transgenderism, “girl” is decreased to a male fantasy — redefined to go well with males’s preferences, no matter what precise ladies give it some thought. A “girl” turns into a form of Mr. Potato Head one can adhere breasts or a wig to, perhaps to poke some holes into, allowing fuckability (however with out both the pleasure or the replica) — fairly actually a factor to be fucked, or at the very least admired, like a doll.

Transgenderism in each concept and follow epitomizes the worst of all sexist stereotypes, upending nothing however actuality and actually drawing us backwards right into a violent fantasy land feminists fought to flee for many years.

Good strive with the gender research paper, although, Emma.